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    • Reply: yt1prm The theme of creating KC901S Not Charging 2017-09-28
    • Reply: cttechcorp The theme of creating KC901S Not Charging

      I put last version 2.2.4 kc901s and now when I want my device to put on charging no display of charging on the display has no indication that the device is full, how will I know if the battery is full or not greeting Milan yu1prm 2017-09-28
    • Reply: yt1prm The theme of creating yu1prm info kc901s

      greeting reached my new model kc901s I noticed that the shore network lan internet and I got it with the software version 2.0.7
      My question is what brings a new version of the software and gave it to beta or not, and why is no one to take over, they can get another connection to the RJ45 connector can be provided by networked via computer so that some software has to windovs or some other operating system that to convey information in real time over a lAN or got larger screen cleaner? 2016-03-02
    • Reply: kevin2cox The theme of creating error list

      @cychen my eror code list 00000200 , 0000000C

      ? 2016-02-19
    • Reply: HB9DTZ The theme of creating Feedback from KC901S user

      @cychen respected, is it my problem is shown in the video solvable, given may be another future software upgrade to resolve or not, whether this is a hardware fault, I do not think so because earlier there was the problem of just one happened at a standstill while we the radio, and when I turn it on there is no response from the then acting like this where the problem can someone help thanks? 2016-02-06