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Radiocommunications Consultant - semi retired - working for my company Analyse Solve & Test Pty Ltd.

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    • Reply: papo The theme of creating KC901V: Remote interface to field probe feature

      Sorry - I obviously misread the posting. You were not the one asking about RBW. 3 days ago
    • Reply: papo The theme of creating KC901V: Remote interface to field probe feature


      It should be easy to determine the RBW by using your automated package whilst viewing an un-modulated carrier frequency from a signal generator as you gradually tune it through the centre frequency whilst logging field strength to find the upper and lower 3dB or 6dB bandwidth points.

      Good work on using the translate function to convert the manual for use. I will be investigating that option myself now.

      regards Noel 3 days ago
    • Reply: mjohnellis The theme of creating KC901M

      Hi John,

      Wow that is interesting. The block diagram appears similar.

      regards Noel 37 days ago
    • Reply: RikiZampi The theme of creating Charging Problem

      Your not the only one who cant get replies to emails. 78 days ago
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V RF/AF Source Output Too Low -35dB on PORT1 and PORT2


      That is great news that your KC901V is back repaired - well done.

      You can see signals above 0dBm by going into the level (amplitude) menu and setting the reference level to 20dBm.

      Th R3465 will handle up to 30dBm max but I would keep below 20dBm (100mW)
      The maximum level I have seen out of my unit is 14dBm.

      regards Noel 108 days ago