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    • Reply: mjohnellis The theme of creating Should I Update Software to V1.1.7 for KC901V?

      Of course you should.
      That is the reason for the updates, to update the device, removing bugs and getting better performance, and sometimes new features.
      Regards, Maximo 5 days ago
    • Reply: EA1DDO The theme of creating Zmag complex impedance under S21

      Hi all,
      I have got ready a simple Excel spreadsheet to upload the S21 and S31 exports from the KC901V/S and calculate Common Mode Rejection Ratio and some other imbalance calculations for any balun.
      Please, have a try and let me know.
      Regards, Maximo.

      http://bbs.deepace.net/uploads/file/201704/20170414025638_12049.zip 43 days ago
    • Reply: WTEK The theme of creating KC901S - Save CAL = Write Failed

      @WTEK Hi Daniel, from some days I am measurement S21 from a 4:1 Guanella balun. Most values are under normal range but one of them I can´t get it correct.
      The S21 loss from input to output, it is always showing around 6dB loss when it should be around 0dB !!
      Now reading your discover about the insuficient return loss of RF IN... it could be the cause of mine headache !!

      Unfortunatelly, I don´t have any other test equipment to check that.

      WuXiao, please, take some action on this.
      73, Maximo - EA1DDO 58 days ago
    • Reply: Andy The theme of creating DTF mode in KC901V

      Hi Andy,
      You can try; annayang@deepace.net
      Regards, Maximo 68 days ago
    • Reply: WTEK The theme of creating KC901S - Save CAL = Write Failed

      Hi Daniel,
      I guess the Cal does not write to the SD card, but an internal memory.
      You can try to reset your device.
      73, Maximo - EA1DDO 68 days ago