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    • Reply: g7psz The theme of creating BLATANT ADVERTISING Hijack

      @mjohnellis Captcha is not mandatory if you keep last step manual.
      Captcha is needed when process is automatic.
      Since this site has low number of users, last step manual is best option, I think.
      I admin my own forum and I reject some fake users's requests everyday. 40 days ago
    • Reply: g7psz The theme of creating BLATANT ADVERTISING Hijack

      I think the problem is the registration process.
      If the administrator does not set any manual confirmation for new members, the auto-bots will carry on creating lots of new fake users and writing lots of rubbish.
      Admin, set double-check with manually approval for new members.
      And remove all fake users already created. 43 days ago
    • Reply: Citabria The theme of creating Differences between KC901S+ and KC901V

      The new S is a V model limited to 4 GHz. 2017-10-10
    • Reply: AlexN The theme of creating External oscillator source for KC901V ?

      or GPS input.
      Some other VNA does have GPS input, for frequency clock, time/date source and location sometimes (for field measurements).
      GPS could be connected by USB or Ethernet ports. 2017-10-10
    • Reply: aa7dw The theme of creating Screen Capture / Ethernet Capabilities ?

      @dk5ya By the way, someone with Qt knowledge can try this:
      https://github.com/bg8npk/KC901S 2017-10-06