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    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating No Fringing Capacitance Correction in KC901V

      hi mjohnellis, i think i agree with you, we should be able to get some ballpark from it, furthermore i bought a cal kit from Kirkby Microwave. the fringing capacitance effect for the Open standard is too small to worry about i guess. if i tune the offset length to the mean value (which is near center operating freq of KC901V ie at 3.5GHz), i will have max deviation of 0.162 mm (0.54 ps), my uneducated guess, this should give little impact to the accuracy. but still, its better to have a device that accepts variable delays for each frequency, like commercial one. i'm guessing this only need to be done in firmware (no hardware modification needed) and the KC901V's designer only need to find a proper book to read further on this matter (mathematical formulation). 2017-12-28
    • Reply: BG8NPK The theme of creating New Firmware Update for KC901V V 1.2.3

      it now can go down to 0 Hz which sounds good, but measurement error at this ultra low freq still not fixed so this feature is still rather useless, for example its still cannot show impedance of a DUT correctly (other than 50 ohm load), the same with magnitude and phase of gain and loss etc.. fwiw.. looking forward for the next FW update, thumbs up anyway.. 2017-12-28
    • Reply: Andy The theme of creating DIY SOL Calibration Kit

      maybe not what you'd like to hear, but i bought SOLT cal kit (for both female and male SMA) from Kirkby Microwave, they are hand calibrated and offset parms given for my specific cal kit. when i calibrated my KC901V with this cal kit, my DIY cal kit that i made earlier woobles like nasty, i will suspect DIY version will only good up to 1-2GHz, FWIW, but anyway, you can believe whatever you want to believe... 2017-12-28
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V Spectrum Analysis Improvement Suggestion

      where is admin? busy? 2017-10-09
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V not showing correct resistance at near DC...

      but capacitor reactance should be infinity at DC right? checking the reactance (Z -> X) at DC, KC901V showing zero. i suspect this has to do with poor directivity of directional coupler (or power splitter?) at DC that FW has to predict starting from 50 ohm and as the freq increase, reading converge to the true value. i hope there is a way to start reading R at DC and hence prediction should start from that DC resistance. 2017-10-03