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    • Reply: mjohnellis The theme of creating KC901M

      Rohde Schwarz and Siglent have come up with their latest 1 - 3GHz version of hobbyists grade and price VNA, if you dont run fast i'm afraid they will bite you in the butt leaving you in cold air. ymmv. 79 days ago
    • Reply: mjohnellis The theme of creating KC901M

      i know you people keep busy developing newer and newer and higher end products for profit, but dont forget to improve FW of older models, because we users will help you spread the words in forums etc, and hence can increase your profit, which is your main objective in first place. i wish while you are developing 10GHz version, you can implement technologies such as user settable fringing capacitance and other professional tools in it, and while you have developed the knowledge, you can also include that in older models because of several reasons... (1) we happy user may help you spread the positive words... (2) some new users will not be able to afford higher end model, so they may still choose the lower model such as KC901V or S in the future to suit their needs and budget. ymmv. 79 days ago
    • Reply: VK3NH The theme of creating Modifying the KC901V to obtian an IF output.

      i'm not rf expert but i would love to see those features implemented.
      Regards, Shafri (SoaSystem) 79 days ago
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V RF/AF Source Output Too Low -35dB on PORT1 and PORT2

      thanks charli for your kind wish, i got my unit back today from Deepace after warranty repair (my own cost though on sending it out sigh). quickly checking my KC901V's RF Source on both port 1 and 2 with my R3465 SA, the problem is fixed now, the RF Source now outputting the correct 0dB on both port (with minor 1 or 2dB discrepancy which is acceptable to me, maybe also due to my R3465 is not very well calibrated) i didnt try higher level since my R3465 top reading only 0dB, i think i can make it read 10dB but i'm lazy arse and i'm busy with other stuffs, and i will be going abroad for the next 2 weeks. so i'm glad i got my unit back before that. Thanks to Deepace for doing the repair. i noticed when installing batteries, they also replaced the ribbon cable because it was in bad shape due to a number of time opening the unit, so double thumbs up to them. 165 days ago
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V RF/AF Source Output Too Low -35dB on PORT1 and PORT2

      and i've used this unit very seldomly within this past 8-9 months, not the 100% everyday use business. so i think something inside is really fragile to damage. i hope the repair will involve making the circuit more immune to damage and more robust, we dont want next time 2-3 months after warranty period, the unit will be damaged again. after warranty, this is difficult and costly for repair. 186 days ago