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    • Reply: RikiZampi The theme of creating Charging Problem


      Please give me your mail address and our manager will contact you to return 17 days ago
    • Reply: RikiZampi The theme of creating Charging Problem

      It maybe a hardware problem, when you open the KC901 and plug a power supply, is there any led light on?

      when you remove the batter and plug a supply, you can try press RST (the little button) it will work?

      If anything it not work, you may need to send the instrument back to us and we will do a warranty 19 days ago
    • Reply: mjohnellis The theme of creating Original factory calibration

      It will keep in you instrument and not reset if you use our normal firmware.and we have a custom firmware for a user that the factory calibration can be change for some special situation. 27 days ago
    • Reply: Safar The theme of creating Some FW improvement suggestions

      Save the cal data to a card is a good way to improve the instrument experience. we will try to do more development in software to make our instrument more easy to use. 53 days ago
    • Reply: soasystem The theme of creating KC901V Spectrum Analyzer Hi Mode cant be Activated

      Can you send me your software version? 74 days ago