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Should I Update Software to V1.1.7 for KC901V?

By mjohnellis •  2017-05-20 12:11:25 •  575 clicks
I have a new KC901V - just got it this week from Deepace. Should I update the software to V1.1.7 ? My hardware is V1.0.5 and the software is V1.1.6. Thank you - John
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    mjohnellis  2017-05-23#1 -Reply

    OK, the update worked fine. Sorry I am so cautious, but I did not want to ruin a great product - John

    mjohnellis  2017-05-23#2 -Reply

    The reason I asked about the software update is because it said it was for hardware V1.0.6 and my hardware is V1.0.5. So now I will assume it works and of course will not reset the factory cal.

    BG8NPK  2017-05-22#3 -Reply

    New version firmware fix few bug and improve UI. The firmware update step is easy and safety you have no need to worry about it :)

    EA1DDO  2017-05-22#4 -Reply

    Of course you should.
    That is the reason for the updates, to update the device, removing bugs and getting better performance, and sometimes new features.
    Regards, Maximo


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