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KC901S/KC901V Firmware Update

By BG8NPK •  2017-04-28 17:09:16 •  1053 clicks
2.2.3 version. Repair the field strength function, the reading error caused by some errors; repair the audio signal source modulation is not accurate . Optimize the interpersonal experience; improve the shutdown state of the charging speed.

1.1.7 version. Revised the cable compensation function in the S21 mode calculation error, and so on. And in order to support the 1.0.6 version of the hardware then make the necessary improvements.
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    josephlevy  2017-05-31#1 -Reply

    After updating to 2.2.3 I see the same, above approx. -40dbm the signal is compressed, the base noise goes up but the signal is -35dbm (even when fed with -20dbm)

    kevin2cox  2017-05-31#2 -Reply

    901S 2.2.3 version spectrum analyzer below -35dbm the amplitude is ok above -35 dbm is not correct actually stay same -35 to -38 dbm if inject 10dbm the amplitude is -36dbm

    kevin2cox  2017-05-31#3 -Reply

    =901S 2.2.3 version spec analyze - amplitude is not correct , its around -36 dbm if you inject 0dbm or -20dbm the amplitude is -36dbm ,frequency is ok ,it does not change amplitude if you change span . in all frequency range is around -36dbm . i did update two times but problem remain same . I will tray to download and update again

    BG8NPK  2017-05-29#4 -Reply

    Please send this bug detail information to our support mail and we will check this.

    kevin2cox  2017-05-27#5 -Reply

    901S 2.2.3 version spectrum analyzer not working properly amplitude is always -36dbm everything else OK

    VK3NH  2017-05-06#6 -Reply

    For the KC901V, I have installed version 1.1.7 and performed the AF and RF calibration after using Shift 7 to get into the cal menu as you suggested when I ungraded to version 1.1.6 on the previous KC901V.

    I have not rechecked the output levels yet but I have been performing checks using the S11 function wit the demo board but the user calibration gives me results that are slightly off, but the system calibration gives nothing like the expected result.

    Do I have to go through all the other calibration aspects such as S11 S22 and VCO cal as well?

    regards Noel


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