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Hitting Run after selecting a mode

By Andy •  2017-03-02 14:47:51 •  320 clicks
After selecting a measurement mode (such as S11) the measurement is initially paused, requiring a press of the Run button. Is there a reason not to have "Run" enabled by default?

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    VK3NH  2017-03-03#1 -Reply

    HI again Andy and Maximo,
    I agree Andy, it would be nice if it automatically kept sweeping. But that it is not sweeping is obvious. The same thing happens when you are using the RF generator. When you set it the output defaults as off. That is why I made a suggestion at the topic AF and RF generator output level "off" indication below.
    cheers Noel

    Andy  2017-03-03#2 -Reply

    Right, but if I turn the device on, my intention is likely to start measuring immediately. I can always hit pause if I want to save battery after making a measurement. Not a big deal of course either way.

    EA1DDO  2017-03-02#3 -Reply

    Hi Andy, I guess it is to save energy. If the device is stopped, not transmitting, saves battery.
    That way you can keep the device on, but Tx is Off.
    Regards, Maximo


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