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New KC901V Firmware update version 1.1.6

By BG8NPK •  2017-02-14 12:57:48 •  821 clicks
Rom Download:


Whats New

-Fix the worn display world
-Fix the S2P file data error
-Add some new feature with Signal Source Function(when updated the firmware,Please connect the Port1 and Port2 using a low lose cable, then go to the FUNC menu, Press Shift + 7 go to the system calibration menu and do the AF and RF source calibration. after the calibration KC901V be able to generate a error less than 3dB signal at Port 2 in full frequence range)

How to update:

firmware  generate  version  display  update 

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    EA1DDO  2017-02-14#1 -Reply

    Hello WuXiao,
    It is great to see how you are improving and listening our wishes.
    I´ll try this new version.
    Thank you very much !
    73, Maximo - EA1DDO


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