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changing reference display for s11

By W7EFQ •  2017-02-08 09:18:17 •  244 clicks
I would like to be able to change the reference position for s`11 to achieve more dynamic range.

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    VK3NH  2017-02-08#1 -Reply


    I assume you mean the largest dB/div dynamic range of the Return loss Format.
    (The actual measurement range is limited in practice by the bridge directivity which varies with frequency)

    Easily done,

    Select MODE, and S11 to get into S11 mode
    Select soft keys FORMAT then RETURN LOSS
    Hit soft key dB/Div until the display is in 10dB/div mode (the largest range)
    Press AMP key then turn Rotary Knob control (or use -/ keys) to move 0 to top of screen
    Then press soft key EXIT and process with calibration or measurement.

    regards Noel


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