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Zmag complex impedance under S21

By EA1DDO •  2017-02-07 01:43:07 •  651 clicks
Hi WuXiao,
In order to measure a complex impedance from a RF choke or balun, we need to use the S21 mode. Then, under S21, you can select Loss, Phase or delay, so to know the impedance from a choke you need to export the S21 file and use an external application (Excel) to do some maths and get the complex impedance.
You can see what I am talking about in next link:


I wonder if someone can add one more S21 format "Zmag" to perform those measurements without external maths.
Here is the spreadsheet with the calculations:


(OpenOffice file, but opens with Excel as well).

I think it is easy to add and you get an nice new feature.

Thank you

73, Maximo
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    BG8NPK  2017-04-19#1 -Reply

    That's great, thanks for you contribution this calculator but we don't have a balun to test.

    I will try to make one

    EA1DDO  2017-04-14#2 -Reply

    Hi all,
    I have got ready a simple Excel spreadsheet to upload the S21 and S31 exports from the KC901V/S and calculate Common Mode Rejection Ratio and some other imbalance calculations for any balun.
    Please, have a try and let me know.
    Regards, Maximo.


    EA1DDO  2017-02-21#3 -Reply

    Hi WuXiao,
    Any response or update on this matter?

    I am asking because I am working at present with some toroids and baluns and it seems no one VNA has this feature included.
    Since it is a simple maths operation, I understand that it could be easily implemented in a new firmware update.
    Then you would get a new nice feature, not present in other VNAs.
    Please, let me knoe your thoughts.
    Thank you
    73, Maximo


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