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DTF function ok KC901S what does i mean?

By jack •  2017-02-06 02:11:21 •  361 clicks
Ther is no word in manual about DTF mode. Is this Time Domain Osciallator? How to use this mode?

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    VK3NH  2017-02-06#1 -Reply


    This distance to fault testing is usually done with an instrument called a time domain reflectometer or TDR for short. Essentially that device sends a pulse and measures the reflections from the fault location in time. As with that instrument you must also enter the velocity correction factor in order to get the correct distance because the propagation of the signal through a cable is less than the speed of light.

    regards Noel

    jack  2017-02-06#2 -Reply

    Hallo Maximo,
    TDF should also show: open, short and load cable circuit in the shape and value of the peek ( /-) , capacitive and inductive discountinuty, inductive and capacitive termination, loosy cable and difference od Zload and Zo. There is nothing in manualjQuery1102023154953667910455_1486372327637???

    EA1DDO  2017-02-06#4 -Reply

    Distance To Fault


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