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Modifying the KC901V to obtian an IF output.

By VK3NH •  2018-08-31 09:59:54 •  126 clicks
Hello all.

The forum seems to have ground to a halt with not many ideas for changes to the KC901V bearing fruit.

I am considering the alternative of doing a hardware modification to the KC901V to obtain an IF output when the unit is in the field strength receiver mode, which could be monitored by an SDR. In field strength mode the KC901 is effectively a down convertor.


1/ It extends the KC901Vs capabilities as an SDR can demodulate many types of different types of modulation.
2/ SDRs can give you real time spectrum analysis capability.
3/The SDR has both wider and narrower bandwidth resolution than on the basic KC901V.
4/ A computer controlled SDR can log information. The KC910V still measure the field strength as a figure but the SDR can show and record the relative signal strength over time. (The KC901V programing information has never been provided in English to allow such control)

The IF could be obtained just after the associated mixer by using a FET buffer so as to not imbalance the current dual IF arrangements and hence VNA functionality.

I would like to implement this without drilling extra holes in the case by switching the audio output BNC connector to become IF out when the field strength mode is selected, if a logic control signal unique to the field strength mode is available which could be used to switch an RF relay. Hence additional current drain for the relay would only be present in this mode.

I could do a much more detailed explanation but at this stage I am throwing the subject open for comment by others and indeed the KC901V developers themselves on the practicality of this suggestion. I expect that many KC9012V users are experimenters like myself.

regards Noel Higgins (VK3NH)
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    AndreyG  78 days ago#1 -Reply

    That's a good idea. It should be easy to modify, just add buffer IC for IF output.
    in addition to uses listed by Noel it can be used as sync signal for testing sweeping generators etc.

    soasystem  79 days ago#2 -Reply

    i'm not rf expert but i would love to see those features implemented.
    Regards, Shafri (SoaSystem)


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