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By EA1DDO •  2016-12-14 20:18:20 •  524 clicks
Hi Deepace,
I've got an idea for you, and I provide it to you, for free.

I think is a good accessory to sell a "rubber protection" to cover any KC901 S/C/V.
Something like this one;

Thank you

Regards, Maximo

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    DG9BFC  2017-11-17#1 -Reply

    these are picture from my very old (but still working!!) 901H ... but i added the same rubber pads on the back and the side pads to the 901s also (had to make some cut outs with a sharpie for the power connector and the smart card reader)

    DG9BFC  2017-11-17#2 -Reply

    have added some anti slip pads at the backside and some rubber srips on the side
    that protects almost as the complete closed silicone thingy ... does not slip on the table anymore and has a nice feeling in the hand now

    DG9BFC  2017-11-17#3 -Reply

    EA1DDO  2016-12-15#4 -Reply

    I said "rubber" but I think it is "silicone" or any other similar compound.
    Most field analysers have that type of removable protection.
    Thanks you

    BG8NPK  2016-12-14#5 -Reply

    Thats a good ideal but it was not easy to produce.

    We think if we build a product for our customers, it must be a good product that allow our quality standard. if not, we will not produce that product. sadly that we have not find a manufacturer that can produce this case.

    If we have any new accessory for our product we will send here at first.

    Best Regards,


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