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KC901S+ not workig S11

By thodukonics •  2018-06-09 19:33:57 •  507 clicks
I purchased a KC901S+ and arrived this week.
But S11 functions not working properly. Not showing S11 data (VSWR/RL/Pha/ Smit/Imped) Very small change with Port1. When I chose Sys cal/ Corr OFF.
Then I tried Func + Shift+7+ SYS recal. and SYS calibrated, then it will work almost correctly. But when I reset, again not work Sys CAL and not work in "corr OFF" selection also.

All other functions working correctly.
Spectrum analyzer working
Field strength working
RF source working.

What may be the problem ? It is return to you is very expensive and i need again pay customs duty. Already I paid large amount as customs duty.

If you can give me correct solution i can check here, because We have all service facility here for Hantek Oscilloscope and Spectrum analyzer and other product.
We have LeCroy 4Ghz DSO also for testing and calibration.
Please help me. very urgent.
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    charli  185 days ago#1 -Reply
    Manufacturer's Contact
    I hope there will be good results.

    thodukonics  186 days ago#2 -Reply

    your mail id?

    charli  186 days ago#3 -Reply

    thodukonics 3 hours ago#2 -Reply
    Hi charli
    they have "error list" but can't open. just showing 2000-01-04: 2 Wednesday 78 0000001C

    I'm sorry, but please contact the manufacturer.
    Please contact me by email.
    Please share your results with the Forum.
    I will share a good solution.

    charli  186 days ago#4 -Reply

    regards Noel

    BG8NPK 16 days ago#2 -Reply
    Save the cal data to a card is a good way to improve the instrument experience. we will try to do more development in software to make our instrument more easy to use
    Be of normal mechanical function
    Even the manufacturer knows this.

    thodukonics  186 days ago#5 -Reply

    Hi charli
    they have "error list" but can't open. just showing 2000-01-04: 2 Wednesday 78 0000001C

    charli  186 days ago#6 -Reply

    Try it with a dummy load attached.
    50 Ohms

    charli  186 days ago#7 -Reply

    I have the same device.
    Ask the manufacturer.If there is no log in the error list, it is judged normal.

    thodukonics  186 days ago#8 -Reply

    Yes, after my SYS calibration, it will work almost perfectly but if some one do "reset all", SYS cal will lose. again need calibration. SYS cal not saving to factory default. .
    Can you give me the link of kc901sP exclusive firmware ?

    charli  186 days ago#9 -Reply

    KC951011 N type 6GHz OSL calibration kit.
    You can do it with another Cal Kit.

    charli  186 days ago#10 -Reply

    dear thodukonics
    Thank for pictures.
    Kc 901 s FUNC ENTER
    ERROR LIST Check
    Confirm ABOUT Check
    Download and migrate kc901 s exclusive firmware from the Internet.
    And when you're working on a kelibration,
    Try a cal kit.


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