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By BG8NPK •  2015-04-30 23:49:20 •  1300 clicks
BUG in Software version 1.1 and 1.1.1
1,in Smithchart format,use cent=mark may cause frequency setting error.the press any bottom will cause system crash.(can use CS bottom restart)
2, in source mode,close Modulate,ATT function failed(solution:open Modulate and set as 0)

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    yt1prm  2015-11-09#1 -Reply


    yt1prm  2015-11-09#2 -Reply

    Video demonstration

    yt1prm  2015-11-09#3 -Reply

    testing the tool in beta there is a problem in the spectrum mode if the center frequency 435,0Mhz and broadcast a generator to 446.00625Mhz in FM mode spectrum register sporadically in small poor reception just a few decibels all tested with the amplifier at -40 and without direct contacts in the connector, but because if the center frequency move and get to 437.00Mhz device then registers the full scale of the spectrum max decibels if you continue to push the central transmit frequency signal then drops and rises again when you come to 446.hz span was in this case 73, 683451mhz

    Oleksandr  2015-10-29#4 -Reply

    Also, there are some messages in the UI that can be spelled out better:
    "Insert the SD card" should read "SD card inserted"
    "Remove the SD card" should read "SD card removed"
    Auto-power off message "Coming off" should read "Shutting down"
    Soft keys "ADD" and "SUB" (e.g. when setting time) should better read "+1" and "-1" (because it's not known in advance by what amount the element will be increased or decreased :)
    I believe, the mode selection menu that currently is

    PAGE_UP FIELD RFsrc AFsrc ----

    could be improved:
    ---- FIELD RFsrc AFsrc PREV<<

    BG8NPK  2015-10-29#5 -Reply

    @Oleksandr Hi,
    1,The software cause misses the step.we want to build a open-to-use instrument so we write all UI and OS in KC901S,it makes KC901S no need to wait and just power on to measure.the same time it hard to do perfect in all thing.we will try to fix this with new firmware in the future.
    2,In this situation mean on screen pix include two mark frequence point.the system will display the large one.
    3,This is a software limited,it is hard to improve,but we will try and may update in the future firmware.
    4,the pcb cannot put all is hard to improve.

    thanks for your reply with our products,We are attach your suggestion,you can pay attention to our firmware update to improve your instrument.

    best regards,

    Oleksandr  2015-10-29#6 -Reply

    Oleksandr  2015-10-29#7 -Reply

    Hi. I've been using KC901s for some time, and I found some issues with it

    1. The rotary encoder dial often misses steps or steps twice per detent
    2. Conversely, M1/M2 markers sometimes randomly jump one step plus or minus the assigned position, even when the keyboard and dial are locked out.
    3. I can't use time domain mode to measure short cables (<1 m), the spatial resolution is rather large (this may be not a bug though)
    4. The keyboard backlight is uneven, rows F1 / CENT / - / MARK / Power and 1 / 4 / 7 / . are much dimmer than the others (see photo)

    -- Best regards
    -- Oleksandr


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