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Some FW improvement suggestions

By Safar •  2018-05-23 01:14:51 •  283 clicks

I use 901V and wish to suggest several things that help make this device more better:

1. I use several setups for VNA measurements: N-socket, N with cables, SMA, SMA with cables. For each of these setups I should manually change coefficients table and load cal table. Suppose it will be better if device use some preferences memory for save and recall all options and user cal table.

2. File name have some length limit. I understand that is "mobile" device, but some additional signs will be very helpful.

3. For Spectrum Analyzer mode if use even max RBW (30kHz) and use max measurement points from some span freq it is losts for spectrum info. I perfectly UNDERSTAND that it is VNA at first (not Spec Analyzer) so have limitation for max RBW. But I just suggest for made some indication for SA mode that shown losts for spectrum. And may be also made for this mode dynamically adaptation for measurement points (samples) - think it should be some switchable option.
And may be even use some more bigger points quantity for SA?

4. When I use user cal (I need this as I use several DUT setups) it works only for current condition (freq bands). I understand that this provides maximum accuracy but unfortunately I need to disconnect DUT and make recalibration each time when I need change freq band. Why do not to just approximate user cal (like it makes for system cal) with some limitations of course - only for sub bands in cal band and min calibration points limitation for newly selectable band. Think I will be clever to make user cal with maximum points for this mode.

And fringe caps compensation will be helpful also but this in todo list if I understand


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    VK3NH  201 days ago#1 -Reply


    Thanks for the reply.

    regards Noel

    BG8NPK  202 days ago#2 -Reply

    Save the cal data to a card is a good way to improve the instrument experience. we will try to do more development in software to make our instrument more easy to use.

    VK3NH  204 days ago#3 -Reply


    Good suggestions. I hope that this site starts to be more proactive with members.

    In addition I suggest:-

    5. The maximum 30kHz limit is a hardware limited but the lower limit of 1kHz could be even lower, though i realise this affects overall span observed. Then again in the application of observing modulation on a carrier, you are looking at signals close-in. I suggest including 300Hz and 100Hz as lower bandwidth options so that Bessel functions (carrier drop out points) can be observed as part of calibration checks for FM deviation with 1kHz mod source.

    That way you can resolve and observe the carrier from the FM side bands.

    regards Noel


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