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KC901V Spectrum Analyzer Hi Mode cant be Activated

By soasystem •  2018-04-29 15:06:10 •  246 clicks
now another problem. in Spectrum Analyzer mode, i cant select Hi Mode, when i press Lo Mode, its still Lo Mode, tell me what happened?
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    soasystem  186 days ago#1 -Reply

    HI. PLEASE IGNORE THIS THREAD THIS IS A FALSE REPORT. MY HI AND LO LO MODE IS OK. I THOUGHT HI MODE WILL BE INDICATED NEAR BUTTON MENU (WHITE BACKGROUND) BUT HI AND LO LO MODE IS INDICATED JUST UNDER THE GRAPH PLOT. SO ITS MY MISTAKE. THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH MY HI/LO LO MODE. sorry i have to use capital letter since there is no formatting available in this forum to highlight my point and this flat view forum make it difficult to see the latest comment. Cheers.

    soasystem  197 days ago#2 -Reply

    Software ver: V1.2.3, Hardware ver: MB-V1.2 RB-V1.0.5, Option: 001

    BG8NPK  198 days ago#3 -Reply

    Can you send me your software version?


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