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KC901V: Remote interface to field probe feature

By papo •  2018-03-26 02:09:23 •  414 clicks

I'm trying to take an automated measurement using the field probe feature. According to section 3.3.4 of the program manual for the KC901V, I should be able to do this with


However this yields an error on parameter 2. With trial and error, I found that


works. I'm posting here to understand the meaning of the extra parameter that I randomly set to 100, and I'm asking for the proper instructions to do this measurement. In particular I would like to know which RBW is used.

Best regards and thank you, Matt
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    papo  72 days ago#1 -Reply

    Thanks for your replies. I guess my problem is that I believe that I'm doing things exactly as stated in the manual (see section 3.3.4 to which I did refer in my original posting), yet the instrument throws an error. If I am not mistaken, the instructions in the manual are wrong and I'm asking for the correct command (and an explanation thereof).

    VK3NH  85 days ago#2 -Reply

    Sorry - I obviously misread the posting. You were not the one asking about RBW.

    VK3NH  85 days ago#3 -Reply


    It should be easy to determine the RBW by using your automated package whilst viewing an un-modulated carrier frequency from a signal generator as you gradually tune it through the centre frequency whilst logging field strength to find the upper and lower 3dB or 6dB bandwidth points.

    Good work on using the translate function to convert the manual for use. I will be investigating that option myself now.

    regards Noel

    hickengr  87 days ago#4 -Reply

    I translated the programming manual to English using Google Translate. It is likely not completely accurate, but, it should be a good start. If someone will tell me where to upload it, I will make it available to everyone.

    charli  253 days ago#5 -Reply


    soasystem  260 days ago#8 -Reply

    where can i find the programming manual?


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