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kc901v frequency counter function+OBW Functions add

By charli •  2018-03-22 21:41:14 •  480 clicks
1.kc901 v spectrum Occupied Bandwidth Add Measurement Functions add
Is it possible to add a frequency counter function in a newer firmware release? Or is that a hardware issue?
frequency function firmware hardware possible
1/ Go to Spectrum analysis mode.
2/ Set the desired frequency
3/ Set the RBW to 1kHz (the minimum)
4/ Select span mode then zero span.
5/ Tune your device for a peak amplitude level on the display.
frequence counter is totally different with a network it can't be add to the KC901
>>We also know that the Vna is different.
However, the frequency count function is essential.
Kc901v Multimode Device :
Whether to add frequency count mode or Spectrum Analyzer marker count function
I strongly ask to be added.

A frequency resolution of 1 Hz is required.
At the very least, frequency range of 0 to 3 ghz is very useful in the field.

Don't look at the negative, but positively. Judging from our forum,
Kc901A hardware platform is likely to be enabled only if enough firmware is added.
We trust the kc901v team indefinitely.

Thank you.Good luck.
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    charli  214 days ago#1 -Reply

    KC-901 V is a very good RF measurement.
    It is a low-cost, high-performance equipment.
    Manufacturers can respond faster to users ' deep upgrade requirements
    Please respond.
    Please provide notice of future upgrades.

    charli  214 days ago#2 -Reply

    I don't think there are any forums without questions or answers.

    charli  214 days ago#3 -Reply

    If members of the forum ask questions, the producers should be sincere in their response.

    charli  214 days ago#4 -Reply

    kc901v frequency counter function OBW Functions add
    Always Peak add(mark frequency counter RBW 1Hz)
    Add Features(30Hz,100Hz,300Hz,1K,3K,10K,30K)

    charli  254 days ago#5 -Reply

    Or ... Field field strength measurement mode.
    Add frequency difference measurement function.
    Otherwise, frequency count function
    We are strongly looking for.

    VK3NH  260 days ago#6 -Reply


    The S21 issue is a little harder to resolve and its related to port matching sample points and amplitude versus frequency accuracy of the hardware which becomes more of an issue at higher frequencies. That is probably why the KC901S was produced at a better price point. The device is not sold as having commercial performance.

    Using spectrum analysis to tune a device is time consuming due to sweep speed limitations which limit the rate of display update. Zero span mode can do it better but I believe adding a discriminator display will make the device very useful for fast equipment tuning purposes.

    The functionally I am suggesting is for set frequencies. Narrower bandwidths are possible if there are enough frequency tap capability in the hardware performance. It also comes down to a cost benefit analysis for this product and will it sell more units?

    soasystem  260 days ago#7 -Reply

    you ask them to add feature. even the existing key feature of jittery/rippling S21 measurement they cannot solve.

    VK3NH  260 days ago#8 -Reply


    if possible, implementing a conventional frequency counter in this hardware design I expect would be a large task and not worth the design effort.

    Lower IF bandwidths than currently employed for the general spectrum analysis function would most likely confuse an inexperienced user through not having enough sample points to do show a truly representative spectral display during large frequency scans.


    Perhaps in zero span mode with the current IF RBWs, an alternative would be that demodulation could be implemented and display of the modulation along with a software defined version of a discriminator mode display similar to that used on the ICOM amateur equipment which shows if a received carrier is off frequency. (Audio out to an earphone would also be nice but that is a hardware change and well beyond the original VNA design.)


    I myself would like to see firmware changed to give the option of having of an extended range of narrower bandwidths permitted (say down to 300, 100 and 30Hz if possible) in the spectrum analyser mode enabled ONLY when you select 0 span mode. You could then peak the display when setting the frequency of the device under test if you are adjusting it as you suggest above. Alternatively if only making a reading of the frequency, you could use the top adjustment knob in frequency mode to vary the point on the zero span observation to peak the level and then record the frequency.

    regards Noel


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