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Meaning of value in top right corner

By Andy •  2016-11-01 00:34:08 •  512 clicks
In the top right corner of the attached image, there is a measurement reading 113.1m. I didn't see a mention of this value in the user manual. What does it mean?

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    VK3NH  2017-11-18#1 -Reply


    I have found that mine is a long way off the height above sea level.

    How can I do the altimeter calibration to fix this?

    If its purpose is relative height then you can use the difference as you suggest.

    DG9BFC  2017-11-17#2 -Reply

    yes altimeter ... and yes it can be calibratet
    if i set mine to actual height on ground ... and lift it up to ceiling the difference is about 2 m (so it is sensitive and accurate)
    reason is ... if you climb a tower you know how long a rope is needed to pull up tools :-)
    (and you can calculate the time and speed if you fall down hi hi)
    allways stay safe with 2 safety lines ... same for the analyzer
    do not count on shoulder strap alone when on a tower and add another rope to analyzer! ... and secure it to a tower leg (no ... a cable tie is not safe!!)
    (i would do it if i had to climb a tower and work there on antennas etc.)

    EA1DDO  2016-11-01#3 -Reply

    Hi Andy,
    I think it is the altimeter.
    Not sure about accuracy as mine is showing -27.8m !!
    Perhaps it can be calibrated.

    By the way, I´ve tried, during last weekend, the "programming mode" unsuccessfully.
    I used SecureCRT and Ethernet, but not success so far.

    Regards, Maximo.


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