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By g7psz •  2018-01-10 19:26:43 •  338 clicks
It seems this BBS has been taken over for irrelevant advertising.

Is it possible for our moderator to remove and / or block such activity, please?

Steve Laurence, G7PSZ
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    EA1DDO  258 days ago#1 -Reply

    @mjohnellis Captcha is not mandatory if you keep last step manual.
    Captcha is needed when process is automatic.
    Since this site has low number of users, last step manual is best option, I think.
    I admin my own forum and I reject some fake users's requests everyday.

    mjohnellis  260 days ago#2 -Reply

    @EA1DDO Makes sense, but the site does require a captcha. Wouldn't this stop auto bots?

    EA1DDO  261 days ago#3 -Reply

    I think the problem is the registration process.
    If the administrator does not set any manual confirmation for new members, the auto-bots will carry on creating lots of new fake users and writing lots of rubbish.
    Admin, set double-check with manually approval for new members.
    And remove all fake users already created.

    mjohnellis  261 days ago#4 -Reply

    It is a shame some idiot has to ruin this forum with crap advertisements. One thing I promise: I will make sure none of my colleagues ever buy any of these products or use any of these services.

    VK3NH  275 days ago#5 -Reply

    What Steve said.

    BG8NPK  281 days ago#6 -Reply

    Sorry for this issue, we will take few operate to fix this.


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