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AnnaYang please retrieve my VNA from Customs!

By AndreyG •  2017-11-04 14:33:22 •  379 clicks
Hi Anna,

Another week passed. No changes in Status of my Network Analyzer,
It sits and waits clearance and that requires input from you.

Please explain what is going on.
You told me to send unit back to you for repair and I did so following your instructions exactly. And now you seem to be sabotaging it’s retrieval.I am down $2000 have no VNA at all now. This is not fair!

Please retrieve the unit from your customs repair it and return it to me.

Andrey Gleener
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    AndreyG  2017-11-07#1 -Reply

    Hi Anna, I spoke with Fedex again today. They told me you contacted them today (this is good) but still did not have all the documents to do the clearance.

    BG8NPK  2017-11-06#2 -Reply

    The China customs are NOT fast and we are all try everything to make it go fast.


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