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Measurement failure S11

By UA1CFM •  2017-11-01 15:57:26 •  439 clicks
After a while, the S11 measurements of the instrument are knocked off and on the graph either a straight line or interference. When the sweep is stopped and the measurement is started again, the readings are restored. What could be the reason
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    UA1CFM  2017-11-06#1 -Reply

    this is what you asked for


    UA1CFM  2017-11-06#2 -Reply


    BG8NPK  2017-11-06#3 -Reply

    Hi, We cant replay your issue,please press the FUNC and go to the About menu to give me the parameter of your instrument. and we will check the problem

    UA1CFM  2017-11-03#4 -Reply

    Thanks for the answer!
    How can I find out about updating the software and where it can be downloaded from the instruction manual?

    BG8NPK  2017-11-02#5 -Reply

    Hi, This may be a software bug, we will check this and it will fix by software update


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