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Screen Capture / Ethernet Capabilities ?

By aa7dw •  2017-09-10 08:19:44 •  167 clicks
How does one capture the screen or display it on an attached computer?

73 AA7DW Dave
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    hickengr  41 days ago#1 -Reply

    I can only find the programming manual in Chinese. Where do I find one in English?

    EA1DDO  44 days ago#2 -Reply

    @dk5ya By the way, someone with Qt knowledge can try this:

    EA1DDO  44 days ago#3 -Reply

    @dk5ya Please Udo, keep us informed on your achievements.
    Danke schon.
    73, Maximo - EA1DDO

    dk5ya  45 days ago#4 -Reply

    Tnx Maximo. Will try your proposal. Anyway a full remote solution would be my favourite. Will ask DL2SBA and let the community know.
    73 Udo, DK5YA

    EA1DDO  45 days ago#5 -Reply

    I´ve already propose an easy and elegant solution some time ago:


    73, Maximo - EA1DDO

    dk5ya  46 days ago#6 -Reply

    I wish we could have software solution for the KC901 series like the one DL2SBA has created for the rather popular miniVnaPro.
    More at http://vnaj.dl2sba.com/index.php?option=com_content

    BG8NPK  70 days ago#7 -Reply

    KC901S / KC901V can save screen shot and measured data to SD card.

    We didnt release a software to remote the instrument but the developer can get the Program Manual to get the remote command.


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