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Difference between KC901V and KC901S+

By Andy •  2017-08-24 01:10:55 •  335 clicks
I noticed this morning that there is a new product available now, KC901S+, and that the old KC901S has been discontinued.

Are there differences between KC901S+ and KC901V except for the frequency range [4 GHz vs 7 GHz]? In other words, are there reasons to buy KC901V over KC901S+ if coverage above 4 GHz is not needed? How do the two units compare regarding sensitivity, accuracy, feature set, etc?
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    VK3NH  2017-09-05#1 -Reply

    The plus does not print.

    VK3NH  2017-09-05#2 -Reply

    KC901S I meant to say.

    VK3NH  2017-09-05#3 -Reply


    The KC901S now has a product description - Check it out.

    regards Noel


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