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External oscillator source for KC901V ?

By AlexN •  2017-08-23 00:36:41 •  377 clicks
I buy KC901V and how can i apply external oscillator source? I have atomic source with 10 MHz output, this need to synchronize KC901V with external RF generators.
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    EA1DDO  2017-10-10#1 -Reply

    or GPS input.
    Some other VNA does have GPS input, for frequency clock, time/date source and location sometimes (for field measurements).
    GPS could be connected by USB or Ethernet ports.

    Citabria  2017-10-10#2 -Reply

    Would it be possible to get a standard 10MHz input added to the unit in the future?

    NoellEagan  2017-10-10#3 -Reply per my knowledge the CC430 datasheet contains full specification for the REFO/VLO oscillator.For the DCO, since it is programmable, it is more difficult to get a 'number' for the accuracy. This is because the DCO has only 256 frequency settings in a range from 70kHz to 135MHz. So you usually modulate it (in hardware) between two frequencies with a 32 step pattern, giving a total of 8192 different average frequencies

    BG8NPK  2017-08-24#4 -Reply


    A UFL connector J8 at the KC901V's RF module back can input the oscillator, but it just support 20MHz frequence.


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