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By VK3NH •  2017-06-19 18:10:29 •  316 clicks

If you have not already got one, I suggest you buy this demo board from Deepace as a companion to the KC901V. It offers a number of elements which allow you to get familiarity with the operation of a VNA plus it gives you open/short/load calibration point on the board and two leads to use with your unit but you also need two N type to SMA adaptors.

The on board network/circuit element examples are for testing with an upper frequency limit of 150MHz.
The associated smith chart result for each is printed on the board.

The bonus is the board also has a built in multi band directional antenna. Two of the bands covered are 2.4 and 5.8Ghz WiFi. It is a pity the antenna does not go down as low as 430MHz.

regards Noel
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    mjohnellis  2017-06-19#1 -Reply

    Thank you Noel,
    Excellent suggestion, I am looking into that now. I do have N to SMA adaptors so I should be good to go.
    Best Regards, John


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