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By mjohnellis •  2017-06-12 09:01:01 •  426 clicks
Sorry for my comments - I do not understand social media. I did try to give a product review, but it required a whole new account setup. I do not need anymore passwords and screen names so I thought I would give my honest opinion here, but as you can see I do not know much about social media. I will reserve any future replies to problems and questions - Thank you - John
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    VK3NH  2017-08-22#1 -Reply


    It is one of the four reviews you see when you click on the reviews tag next to the star rating on the KC901V product page. By the way, have you seen the new KC901S (4GHz) model. It might suit your purposes better since you work at lower frequencies.

    regards Noel

    EA1DDO  2017-08-21#2 -Reply

    @VK3NH Hi Noel,
    Where is your review located?
    Cheers, Maximo

    VK3NH  2017-08-19#3 -Reply


    I finally got around to making my review of the KC901V which is based on testing since I first purchased a pre-order KC901V October 2016 and then later I changed to a final production unit with upgraded hardware in April. During this time there have been constant improvements to the design plus I have used it for many different tasks and I still think its well worth the money. The new KC901S is even better value because the new model seems to totally new design and is effectively a KC901V with the maximum operating frequency reduced to 4GHz which should not matter to most amateurs as the bulk of the active bands are below 4GHz or even below 1GHz. Same goes for commercial services.

    regards Noel

    VK3NH  2017-06-14#4 -Reply


    I do not do social media either. I don't know about the review requiring a whole new account setup. I thought your comments were good and I agreed with them. However it seems you have now deleted your comments which is a pity. I remain very impressed with the performance on the unit.

    regards Noel

    VK3NH  2017-06-12#5 -Reply

    May I suggest that you give the KC901V its first review on the product page which rates the product in terms of a five star scale and you then add the text above as has been done for the KC901H and KC901S reviews. I agree with you but to get to this point there have been many steps and I believe more to come. That is the one of the beauties of the design in that it can be upgraded by firmware changes to become more versatile within the hardware limitations on the basis of user feedback. Having such a versatile portable package complements my very "fixed" test laboratory facility very well. The VNA function works particularly well and the other features are extremely useful when you have established their limitations and how to work within them. I will be writing my review later, once I have installed and evaluated the latest firmware release. I thank the engineers who have this time listed the aspects improved by the firmware changes which makes it easier to evaluate the effects of those changes.

    P.S - some things blow my mind - A portable RF source that can adjust frequency in 0.1Hz steps up to 7GHz...........WOW.

    regards Noel (VK3NH in Australia)


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