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Latest update KC901S/KC901V Firmware Update

By BG8NPK •  2017-06-09 15:54:35 •  852 clicks
KC901V Rom1-1-8 Version Firmware
1. The 1.1.8 version fixed a phase display error in insertion loss mode;
2. Fixed the modulation error in AF source mode above 429MHz;
3. Fixed data save and read error in time domain SWR mode;
4. Fixed cable attenuation compensation calculation error in S21 mode;
5. Fixed skip Load calibration error in S11 user calibrate;
6. Improved the accuracy of the RF signal source in low frequency range;
7. Added the RF source FM modulation for V1.0.6 hardware and above.

KC901S Rom2-2-4 Version Firmware
1. Fixed the display error in spectrum mode;
2. Added the unit display in keyboard typing;
3. Improved the user experience.
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    josephlevy  2017-06-10#1 -Reply

    Thank you very much!
    Spectrum display shows correctly..

    mjohnellis  2017-06-10#2 -Reply

    Thank you for new update KC901V. The skip Cal feature works fine now.


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